Active RFID Solutions for Healthcare

The GuardRFID Engineering and Management team helped pioneer the adoption of Active RFID in the healthcare industry and achieved success creating the previous market leaders in the Infant Security and Wandering Patient Protection industry.  Now with GuardRFID, this team has developed the next-generation of Active RFID technology to achieve greater security reliability, more comfortable tags for patients, and better functionality and usability for nurses than any other technology available.

Engineered for challenging requirements outside of healthcare, the resulting 433MHz Active RFID platform and tags deliver higher performance than existing 433MHz-based systems for healthcare and significant advantages over competing WiFi and Zigbee-based Active RFID.

GuardRFID has developed industry-leading solutions and an all-in-one Active RFID platform for hospitals including the following:

GuardRFID has also embedded its powerful Active RFID technology in AtGuard Resident Wandering Protection for long-term care facilities.

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