Active RFID Solutions for Industrial Customers

Manufacturing.  Warehousing.  Supply Chain Management.  Yard Management.  Personnel Safety.

GuardRFID has developed Asset Tracking and Integrated Security solutions for companies involved in all of the above and more.

Active RFID is helping industrial customers at an increasingly rapid rate to achieve the next level in operational efficiency, safety and security, and ultimately profitability.

The GuardRFID 433MHz Active RFID technology platform was engineered from the ground up including tags, Active RFID network devices, and software so there are no compromises in performance for critical security applications and high-performance industrial needs.  GuardRFID has taken a leadership role in the advancement of 433MHz Active RFID technology and addresses many of the shortcomings seen in competing WiFi and Zigbee-based systems.

The GuardRFID all-in-one Active RFID platform supports various solutions including the following:

We also welcome you to continue to run your own software solutions for any of your applications whether it be Asset Management, Warehouse Management, or other.  The GuardRFID Active RFID platform can be interfaced with your software within a matter of days to provide identification, location, and event data using our easy-to-use application programming interface (API).  In addition, we offer existing full software integration with major Access Control and CCTV Video Management system partners.

Find out more about how your business can profit from Active RFID Asset Tracking and Integrated Security.  Learn why 433MHz Active RFID is the Industrial Choice.  Contact us to find out how we can help!