TotGuard Infant Security

TotGuard Infant Security delivers industry-leading Infant Abduction Prevention including the following advantages that help make this solution the best choice for any hospital:

Maximum Security – TotGuard uses modern technology and delivers reliability, system longevity, and safety under *all* conditions.

Superior Tag Design – The TotGuard tag family delivers the lightest, smallest, most comfortable, and most secure infant tags with the best infection control design in the industry.

Best Choice of Tags – The tamper-sensing TotTag, Umbilical Tag, and Patient Tag options for infants provide you with the most flexibility to match your clinical processes than any other system.

Designed for Nurses – Configurable software, tags, and bands are easy-to-use, easy-to-manage, and deliver the flexibility to match your workflow.

Minimized Nuisance Alarms – TotGuard was designed from the ground up to reduce nuisance alarms.

Mother-Baby Bonding – TotGuard offers more choices for detection and notification of a mother-baby mismatch than any other system.

More than Infant Security – Article Tags help keep valuable medical equipment in your unit where it belongs.  Tracking capability virtually eliminates the lost time and associate cost of searching for equipment.

When you add up the many best-in-class benefits with the advantage of being part of a unified, enterprise-wide Active RFID platform that supports the complete AllGuard Integrated Security for Healthcare solution, you simply come up with the best answer for Infant Security today:  TotGuard

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